Sequoia National Park

As with many things on this group. This trip is special and different.

Of course the ADDED layer of this being recent Post Covid

Let’s get to that part first.. We will proceed with safety as paramount.

We have booked out the entire site so we will be able to control density, and distance on every level. Tents will be spaced from each other, and campfire will be divided among several so that distance kept there. Food prep will not be one single kitchen as normal but rather divided to several. Additionally we will forego the normal Pot Luck we do on arrival as the idea of food you did not personally prepare, with several people touching while serving, is just not a good thing at the moment.

All restrooms are flush toilets and NOT pit/septic toilets. Being real porcelain they are able to be cleaned often and regularly, and actually be clean. We will also have free hot showers available.

So we will very much manage distance, cleanliness/hygiene, and safety.

Our site ALSO is:

*on grass (half of them) and not dirt. As well as mostly shaded.

*on the river so we can take a dip whenever we wish.

* located close to (food) stores and restaurants so you do not need to totally rough it if the mood does not strike you.

Friday –
Depart town when you can.
Flexible arrival time to all hours of the nite.
We can be in our site as early as noon on Friday.

Sat –
8:00am to 5:00pm Enter the park and travel General Highway all the way to Grant’s Grove.
And hitting all the view and special points along the way.
Moro, Grant, Sherman, the groves, Beetle, Crescent Meadow.
Of course there are stunning waterfalls of Tokopah Falls, Grizzly Falls Roaring River Falls and Mist Falls.
Those that wish can even continue to Roads End.

Those that are rafting will do that. Rafting is optional and does cost extra. However they discount for us. You pay the Rafting Company directly when there.
Those who are not Rafting will go back into the park for the day and head home when wish.

You can stay in our site as long as you want on Sun. We have sites to Monday.
Having the site longer makes it a more leisure weekend.

Want to stay till Monday? No Prob. It’s already included.

Cost per person:
Camping for 4 days/3 nights OR 3 days and 2 nights is $121 Per Person
Payment Link
If you have a +1 or are X2 just do the transaction a second time.
Kids under 18 are free.

OK . . . Tell me about food and everything else. What’s included?
The logistics of us providing food (as well as food prep issues with Covid) are just not feasible or safe.
Due to varied dietary needs, and food contact issues, it’s better if bring what you like and prep it. There will be grills available.
BUT there are also local options. No need to cook too much if you don’t want to.
Firewood: We will provide a bundle of firewood to start. If you want a super roaring fire you can pickup some extra at the small store.

Carpools? We will provide a carpool resource. BUT it’s still Covid. So be very aware of this.

How do I pay?
Cost per person: Camping for 4 days/3 nights OR 3 days and 2 nights is $121 Per Person
Payment Link
If you have a +1 or are X2 just do the transaction a second time.
Kids under 18 are free.

Rafting will be additional. We have a discounted group rate. You reserve with the rafting company. Only have to pay for the rafting when arrive.
Includes ALL needed gear.

Is it less for two nights? No. We have the sites the whole time. You may come late or leave early. If gives you flexibility.

Refund if requested 2 weeks before event start date/time. If cancel less than 2 weeks 100% Full Credit applied to ANY future event we run.

Pix from last time

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