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I will be taking you with me behind the scenes of all my travels around the world inspiring people to fulfill their BUCKET LIST. As you can see here….. It wasn’t exactly something I wanted to sign up for but thought #bucketanddoit ! I am so glad I did! Now it is one of my favorite things to do and I simply cant wait for someone to ask for me to take them again!
Here is raw unedited video to be used in our documentary reel. Playa Del Carmen Mexico.

You may be thinking why I am doing so many crazy things if its something I am not waking up yearning to do. Let me share a bit of a story with you.

A couple of years a go I woke up with this. Not exactly the topless sexy pic I wanted to be shooting that year. Lol This my friends is what a breast tumor looks like.
The Dr said he wanted to take it and ask questions later. A partial mastectomy and 10 days later i found out that the walnut sized tumor with little arms reaching to my armpits was Benign. THANK GOODNESS. However…. Cancer has taken everyone in my family so far. I look at it as if my day is coming so I better start living. I am not promised tomorrow. Either are you. If you are reading this its for some reason that I have spiked your interest to LIVE.

I was doing a dating talk show the other day and I noticed I changed my opinion of waiting to have sex or making the 3 month rule before saying the worlds “I love you”. Love as many times as you can, jump as many times as you can, travel as much as you can. LEAVE IMPRINTS ON THIS EARTH. We are not here to exist. We are here to LEARN. Do you have a broken heart? Use those tears to make some glue and fix it with a new life full of new love! Stomp on the earth today. BE HERE!!!! Hug a stranger I bet they need it!

Chet Lemon inspiring us all through social media to appreciate our friendships on FB. #live
Chet Lemon inspiring us all through social media to appreciate our friendships on FB. #live

New podcast this weekend with Chet Lemmon. I am excited to share our story of how we inspire people to live through social media today. Every day we have is a blessing. WAKING UP IN VEGAS w/ Chet Lemon.




Heres the edited version of the skydive to music. I told my story how I was once the queen of it all in a big city then woke up to thinking my life was over. I asked what I would do. Watch and find out!