Plans for a Documentary series called “LIVE”

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After years of having Las Vegas Bucket List and being a part of reality tv I have decided to merge the two. I use my books, blogs, magazines, talk shows and social media to inspire people to “live” their lives to the fullest. Now I think we are at a point that you all can help me!

There was a story about a little boy that visited a private zoo. He was tugging at his mommas arm for attention. “Momma Momma…. I can see!” He said going back over to the camel laying there grazing on some hay. “Stop it Ben. Thats not very nice.” The momma was referring to her son being blind and didn’t want the other parents of the blind school outing to hear her son. “No!” , he demanded! ” I mean it. Momma! I can see!” His mother looked over and Ben had climbed up on the leg of the camel and was petting the fur with the caretaker. She was showing him the humps. “Momma I can see the camels humps!” He Jumped down and motioned in the air with his hands the shape of a camel. Bens moms burst into tears realizing that ones way of “seeing” things is not a rule of normality. We see with our eyes and he got to see with his entire energy of getting to know the animal. Before you knew it other mothers were coming over and got to experience such a beautiful joy in their children.

The mother had mentioned that her Bucket List was for her son to see. She then turned and hugged the caretaker thanking her for her dream coming true.

What ones “Bucket List” may not be like others. My mission is to step out of the box of the “NORM” of sky diving BUCKET LIST adventures and INSPIRE the WORLD to “live” through REAL LIFE STORIES.

Others may be adventures like Great White Shark Diving in the middle of the seas and educating people how they’re becoming extinct.

I would like to educate the world about being kind to others and film a VOLUNTEER VACATION episode. Saving peoples lives while checking off a goal in India or Africa.

In order to do all this I will be listing some Bucket List activities in Vegas to help film a sizzle reel. will be organizing the dates and times. Maybe its on your list to be involved with production. Contact me.
Have a blessed weekend everyone!