Let’s not make a Bucket List! Forget that crap! 💩 Fall down the rabbit hole!

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What? Did I just ask you to forget my life passion to inspire you? Did I just call a Bucket List crap? Yep! I did! Recently I got married and my world has changed. I realized that the issue I had with getting my husband or other people to make a list is because most people think they don’t have time or reason to go dive off a cliff at the moment. I also here the excuse that people have done it all and they lived a full life. However, these are the same people asking what’s going on this weekend or what I have planned for New Years. As humans we are not born to just exist. We are created to leave imprints on earth.

Maybe creating a list of travels and adventures stresses you out. I thought deep about this. I 🙈 feel guilty about making a Bucket List now that I am married. A wife can’t exactly ask her husband for the credit card and go off backpacking in India for a month without drama. Right? Not that I would do that but it’s an example. There is also the stress of writing down dreams on a board and feel unaccomplished that you can’t afford it financially or find the time to do it. Now that I am getting older I can’t physically do what used to be on my list.  Already I feel the failure in me as I put my snowboarding gear up for sale. This snow bunny has turned into an old rabbit!

Life happens while you are sitting there dreaming about it. Therefore I have a new challenge in mind. So you think you have done it all or can’t afford to do what others do? Then make a LIVE list. Thats right! A list of everything you have accomplished while you are alive. I once read a meme that was funny. It was a driveway of some guys house that was packed full of boats, buggies and sports cars. The meme read, “The man that dies with the most toys wins”. 🤗

👠Now….here is your assignment I give you starting this month of October. Make a list of everything you have done. It can start by going to holiday parties. Daydream about your past and write those down in a journal. This is great for family and friends to read one day. 💁The person that dies with the most interesting list WINS!

When I was at a Burning Man event I received my “Playa” name. A man called me the Bucket List girl. I said,” Nahhh I just like to live”. My girlfriends turned to me and said, “Thats it! Your name is LIVE”. Its been over 3 years since then I finally figured it out. I really haven’t inspired any of you to do Bucket List adventures but I have inspired you to live. Yes, we have traveled the globe together but not often enough to make me satisfied for a title of a BUCKET LIST GIRL. I am however very content with doing what I feel confident in and inspire you to live through my blogs, books, events and media broadcasts. Lets make this list together! The “Live” list.

I invite you all to kick it off this weekend at a themed party here in Las Vegas. Its something you can afford (BYOB) and will definitely fit in. Our Meetup does an annual  Mad Hatter WONDERLAND Party. This year we celebrate October 21st 6-12am in honor of October birthdays.  I invite you to join our members. We have over 10,300 registered members in the past 5 years growing every day building friendships. We would love to have you as our new friend!

Join by clicking the link below


Wear Black and White to match the checkered decorations if you don’t want to dress in a theme.

Wear a hat , Psychedelic colors, a fairy costume or an animal for the enchanted forest outside or in Alice in Wonderland theme.

What are you waiting for?! It is ok to come alone. We aren’t strangers we are friends that haven’t met yet. We have greeters at the door meeting you with a hug and introduce you to like minded souls that just want a full life of being HAPPY.

Email me for more information and directions tiffanymastersllc@gmail.com