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Here is an amazing opportunity for you to either put your wishes out into the universe or be able to help those in need. It can be as simple as saying you wish you had a free cabana at the pool for your best friends bachelorette party in vegas or you need to raise money for your dogs surgery. I am loaded with emails daily and don’t always have the answers. The funny thing about owning a bucket list and being a host is I don’t always want to go scuba diving on these wishes yet I feel the need to. Im scared of sharks! lol So here is an new addiction to the site. You list it and others can be your partner in crime to help! Go ahead put it out there! Feel like going for a hike? Vote for it home page first VOTE ON HOME PAGE FIRST In 2015 we are fully dedicated to fulfilling our over 2,700 member “Bucket List Wishes”  Once you vote for your category, come see the detailed list here!!