About Us


Live out your bucket list dreams with the help of local celebrity Tiffany Masters and a dream team of model and celebrity hosts. Get motivated as Tiffany inspires you to do the things you have only dreamed about. Sky diving, helicopter to the middle of the Grand Canyon for a champagne wedding proposal, zip lining down town vegas, play “GI Joe” for a day in the desert. Become James Bond as you race cars with your favorite playmate, get your favorite rockstar to play at your wedding, or have exotic animals at your party. Tiffany is an ordained minister and can even renew your vows amongst friends at your favorite pool party cabana. From VIP treatment at nightclubs hosted by your favorite athlete or celebrity to shooting jet fighter airplanes against your boss in the skies of Vegas: Tiffany can help you dream it and achieve it. Las Vegas Bucket List is for you. Step out of your NORMAL VEGAS VIP and make this a memorable trip by checking off something on your bucket list.

“Hi this is Tiffany. I have been hosting for over 15 years helping people here in Las Vegas plan their events and coordinate what to do on their adventures .I have been blessed to travel all over the world networking and meeting new friends. One day I came up with the idea to host bucket list dreams after having so many conversations about everyone wanting to “live their life”. Im in no way a “life coach” however my role is to put my network of connections around the world together to make your Bucket List wish come true. Im confident that I can make many of your dreams achievable. You don’t have a bucket list? After a phone call or meet up you will be excited to “Just Bucket and DO IT”!”


My Mission

I BELIEVE this site will touch your life. Even small things make a difference. I have the confidence and stand behind myself making this business manifest itself by helping others live their life to the fullest. I am at the beginning stages of this site and believe that one day soon it will be its own social network of friends helping each other around the world with their dreams.

I have been writing a published column of travels around the world for 14 years. Thats how I stumbled into Vegas and never left. I write “The Adventures of Tiffany Masters” in magazines about my life in the entertainment capitol of the world and my crazy travels. I love it here but am ready to start living life more outside the red velvet ropes of being named “The Queen of Las Vegas Nightlife”. Bucket List is the beginning to a new adventure series. This time its “our” adventures.

In my high school yearbook my senior quote was “Live each day as if it were the last. After all one day it will be.” Ive always know in my heart that I would do this. Its my hearts calling to help others. My energy and actions have brought me here to you today. There aren’t words to describe how much passion I have to make a career out of what I love. When I was in Jamaica my host made sense of what I was trying to explain. Smiley toasted his Red Stripe beer and said… “May we live….until we die”. That wraps it up! Cheers!

A little bit more about me. Besides being a journalist/host/writer/producer hahahahah I became an ordained minister. I still didn’t get that feeling of fullfilment until recently. I wanted to have a title that makes me focus on one thing and one thing only so I became a GURU. Traveling all over the world studying theology and spending time in temples, Montessori’s, chapels, kissed the foot of a Greek Orthodox Saint Dennis mummified body (yes… there are two saints in this world that are mummies) and the biggest blessing of all was being blessed by a Hindu Priestess in Bali. The definition of a Guru is a leader/a voice/ a master that spreads light upon the darkness. I don’t wear the clothes and teach like Ghandi but this day in age I use social media to help spread the positive light of living through my writings, this website, helping others live their lives to the fullest and throwing events