Drum Circle healing return

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Return of the Drum Circle for Las Vegas Bucket List.

Once a month we gather together for a spiritual retreat in the desert right outside the city limits of Las vegas. Its a time of celebration as much as it is a relaxing time reminding us that we are all under the same planet. The thing I love best about this particular Saturday night is how many people leave Sin City and have a better time! I sit back and look at the lights glow from the other side of the mountain regretting that I didn’t find this Abyss much sooner. It truly is an escape for me.

If you are curios about Crystals, sage and music healing please join my private group. I meet my 1st timers at the Railroad casino just before Sunset and have them follow me out to the desert. In 4 hours 200 people gather together in a circle and build a bonfire. Wonderful music is performed by drummers, tambourines and many other instruments. Nothing is rehearsed. The energies just flow like the long skirts on the gypsies  that dance around and around. Its a must do in your life. Make a date with yourself under the stars! We are all playing on the same earth. Its our job to leave imprints. Don’t just exist this Saturday. Come take some deep meditation breaths and meet new friends. Hugs are Free! Fresh air is Free! Star gazing is FREE! We just ask for you to donate to our cause and bring some “natural” firewood. (No duraflame)